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Before using ExerciseLog, there is some setup that is required for the software to work as it was designed.  This includes entering a pair or pairs of shoes so the software can track the number of miles your shoes have been worn.  Entering a bike or bikes so the software can track how many miles you have ridden on a particular bike.  If you will be using this software to track your aerobic, Tae-Bo, or any other type of exercise video workouts, you can add the video to the log and the software will automatically know the amount of time you have spent exercising with that video.  

You add shoes, bikes, or videos to ExerciseLog by selecting the Add/Modify Shoes, Add/Modify Bike or Add/Modify Video menu item from the corresponding menu.  In the form shown below, you can enter the shoe, the shoe type, price, purchase date and whether or not it is an active shoe.  If the shoe is not selected as active, it will not be provided in the Running Log form for selection.  It will also not be reported on in the Shoe Report.  The active property can be modified in this screen as well.  The bottom portion of this screen will not be visible unless the Modify a Shoe button is selected.  When that happens, you will be able to update the active status of any of your shoes.


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